LS shrinkable sleeve labeling machine
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1. Electronic and optical fiber eye: tail surface and electronic eye are combined to improve the cutting precision.

2. The change of cutting head is divided into three parts according to the diameter of the bottle:
Within the range of the specification, only blade needs changing and it’s rapid and convenient. By touching the screen, automatic searching and position is applied.

3. Bottle carrying positioning system: xed belts are applied to transmit bottles and simultaneously adjust the machine to control the highly sensitive screen operation with people-controlling machine. After the label is cased, it is made smooth by the brushes.The operating speed of the fixed bottle-carrying belts can be controlled simultaneously with that of the conveyer.

4. Microcomputer is used to control the machine at a constant temperature so that time and power is saved. The stove can be opened and cleaned during to the production. Rolling stove is separated by glass fiber and the outer part does not radiate heat to ensure safety.Both temperature and wind power can be adjusted according to the height of conveyer. Rapid heating and thermostatic contacting characterize contracting stove. Either steaming or electro thermal power can be used to contract.

HOT88热竞技 Model

LS series

Main engine size

HOT88热竞技 1100*1300*2000mm

HOT88热竞技 Main engine production speed

100bottles/min 250bottles/min 400bottles/min

Main engine power supply

HOT88热竞技 380V 220V

Main engine power


HOT88热竞技 Shrink power


Label length

HOT88热竞技 25mm-280mm

Label thickness

HOT88热竞技 0.035mm-0.13mm

Label material


Bottle height


Bottle diameter


Bottle Shape

Round, square, elliptic,rectangular

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